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If there are additional questions you may have that are not listed below, please don't not hesitate to contact us, but this should get you ready for take off. 

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I know I love aviation, but I'm overwhelmed where to start

Taking an introductory flight experience, is the best way to be introduced not only to flight, but to the school, airplanes you'll learn to fly and the instructor.

I loved my introductory flight, now what!

If you've taken your introductory flight, your next step is to enroll in school & take a couple weeks to get caught up on the study materials necessary to start this journey. 

Aviation Medical Exam

A Private Pilots License (PPL) requires  the student to hold a 3rd Class medical certificate. This medical, familiar to you as a 'physical' is to ensure you are healthy enough to act as captain of an airplane. You don't need a hold a medical certificate until you SOLO which is typically half way through your training 

Why are fight school airplanes more.. Retro?

Learning how to fly is expensive, brand new or newer airplanes considerably increase operating costs. To keep aviations affordable and attainable to a broader audience older aircraft are typically used. Plus, you wouldn't want to teach your kid how to drive for the first time in a Ferrari.

How old is still safe. through time the airplane morphs into a new airplane as things are replaced throughout its life. 

The FAA Holds airplanes, especially those commercial used to rigorous in-depth inspections every 100 hours, which is typically every 5-6 weeks!

A brand new engine is installed every 3 years typically. 

Picking the right school & Instructor

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