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Keith F. Anaheim, CA

3/10/2019     (5 Star)

Just got through with my lesson!  This incredible place sit within their big maintenance facility, which is perfect because you're able to develop a lot of interaction with the maintenance crew - they're all great and safety conscious and it really helps getting my hands dirty with the airplane parts - it really helps with my learning experience!

Thanks again Bret - I can't wait to get back!

Maurice D, Los Angeles, CA

03/09/2019     (5 Star)

Bret has been an awesome instructor. Very knowledgeable with over 6000 hrs in various aircraft, plus many years based within the challenging LA airspace, he has a lot to offer the budding pilot aiming for PPL or more experienced folks looking for a new type rating. Highly recommended.

Brett H. Los Angeles, CA

3/2/2019   (5 Star) 

I can't speak to their teaching ability, just to the character of Bret.  

I dropped my checkbook the other day and thankfully, it was Bret who found it and picked it up.  I say thankfully because not only did he go to great lengths to return it to me, but he also went out of his way to verify I was the owner of said checkbook.  

This act speaks volumes to Bret's character.  I can only surmise that his coworkers share the same sense of integrity and helpfulness as Bret does or I don't think he would be working with them.  He is far too honest to put up with anything less.   I would call Bret for flying lessons in a heartbeat should the opportunity arise.  He is, as we said back in the day, a "good egg."


Lisa M. Los Angeles, CA

01/24/2019     (5 Star)

My boyfriend had expressed to me that he wanted to take some flying lessons. My immediate response was "nope, you'll never get my on a tiny plane". I decided to try to find some lessons that he could do on his own when I stumbled upon Skyward Aviation's website. I was able to speak to Bret over the phone and he was very helpful and explained the whole process to me.

I ended up buying my boyfriend an Awesome Adventure over Los Angeles as a Christmas gift. I am someone who does not like flying at all, but Bret made me feel so comfortable I found the courage to give it a shot. Bret was amazing, he was so patient with all of my questions, he made me feel so at ease. The flight was a lot smoother that I ever imagined it to be, smoother than most commercial flights I have ever been on. I can't wait to get out there again. I recommended Skyward Aviation to all of my friends and family. It was the best gift I have ever given, and it was the coolest experience!

Kala M. Los Angeles, CA

12/12/2018     (5 Star)

Had an absolutely awesome time with Bret on a flying lesson I got for my boyfriend's 50th birthday. He was easy to get a hold of in the planning process, followed up with detailed instructions, and everything went according to plan. He spent time explaining everything that was going to happen (which my boyfriend totally loved as he was able to nerd out on the details), and our flight was beautiful! Overall it was just a superb experience, and I would definitely recommend Bret and Skyward Aviation if you're looking for a really fabulous experience in the air!

Chad C. Los Angeles, CA

7/6/2018   (5 Star) 

I had the greatest experience for my 40th birthday. My girlfriend surprised me with this gift and I was blown away excited to fly a plane to Catalina island and back to Santa Monica. I would recommend Bret Olivere to be your co-pilot to make this experience so amazing. Such an awesome dude and great conversations. I loved how he explained things very well and made us feel comfortable ,safe and confident.  Thank you guys for this amazing experience. Looking forward to flight school soon :)


AC D. Los Angeles, CA

12/17/2018     (5 Star)

Bret is a fantastic flight instructor. After taking an introductory flight, he helped me get my private pilot's license. He is an extremely talented and knowledgeable pilot, and made learning to fly less complicated and extremely fun! I highly recommend him!

Sarah L, Roselle, IL.

10/23/2018     (5 Star)

Bret is an amazing instructor. I'm a student pilot in the Chicagoland area and I had a last-minute trip to LA for a few days this past weekend. I took a chance and contacted Skyward Aviation to see if they had any availability for a flight lesson, and even with the short notice, Bret made it happen. We took a flight to Catalina Island so I could experience different terrain from what I have back home. 

He was so kind, patient, and informative the entire way (flying over flat land and flying over the Pacific Ocean are very different!). My boyfriend flew with us and we decided that he would fly back from the island to Santa Monica for his first flight experience. Bret made him comfortable and made the experience so much fun. I felt that he went above and beyond - knowing I was a student from out of town, he wrote an awesome entry in my logbook detailing everything we did and reminded me to stay in touch during my training. I highly recommend this flight school to anyone learning to fly or anyone interested in trying flight for the first time.

Jonny W. Los Angeles, CA

10/16/2018     (5 Star)

Bret is an amazing guy. He's a great instructor with thousands of hours in the cockpit and has a lot of experience being a flight instructor. He knows how to teach and is very nice to talk to. I would 100% recommend getting your pilots license at Skyward Aviation

Baz M. Los Angeles, CA

09/30/2018     (5 star)

Yesterday I took my friend Bonnie on a day trip to Catalina Island from Sant Monica with Skyward Aviation for her birthday.

It was one of the "Awesome Aventures" Flight Lessons. Bonnie flew the airplane to Catalina, her first time flying or even being in a small airplane.

It was an incredible day and she loved the experience of flying a plane for the first time.

Thanks so much Bret for the incredible day and making her birthday so special!

Anusha H. Los Angeles, CA

09/18/2018     (5 Star)

Skyward 100% deserves five stars. I've never done anything like this before and Bret made this the best experience possible. When I reached out to him to learn more about the trip and schedule it, he was extremely kind, patient, and friendly. He opened up for us on his day off to work with our schedule and gave us the most incredible experience up in the air for the first time! We did the Malibu Hollywood trip and I recommend it to anyone. It was beautiful. And most importantly I felt so safe! It was the most amazing experience and I'd definitely come do it here again.

Arnold Y. Los Angeles, CA

09/16/2018     (5 Star)

Prior to going to Skyward Aviation, I had spent many days and weeks looking for the perfect flight school. I had closer options to me, but when I walked into Skyward Aviation, I could tell that Stuart was much more professional and accommodating compared to the other flight schools in the area that I had visited. Soon after I had discussed the costs and requirements for my pilot career, I was on the way to getting my private pilots license. Stuart is an amazing instructor, and with all the experience and time under his belt, it's easy to see why. 

He tells you exactly what you need to study on, and if you have any questions about regulations, technical knowledge, he'll be there to make sure you understand it. Stuart will make sure you're over-prepared for exams so that you'll pass with flying colors! I worked with Stuart since July and picked up my private pilots six weeks later in mid-August. I plan on staying with them for all of the other licenses that I require (IFR, commercial, etc.) and I highly recommend Skyward Aviation if you're considering going to flight school. Both Bret and Stuart are amazing instructors and I couldn't have asked for more awesome people to work with!


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